THE BIBLE – We are completely convinced that the Bible is God’s Word, and it is the primary means by which God talks to and teaches His people. We believe the Scriptures are the final authority for both the individual Christ-Follower and for the church in everything we do. Because of that, we will prioritize the consumption of God’s Word through proclamation, small group/personal study, memorization, and meditation.

TRANSFORMATION – We deeply value seeing people changed by the love and grace of God. Because of that, we will have a “whatever it takes” attitude to see people come into contact with the Gospel and ultimately be changed from the inside out. As a church, we will make any necessary changes to get the gospel out in the most effective ways.

RELATIONSHIPS – God did not create us to be alone. We were made to be in relationship with Him and with other people. We value intimate, authentic personal relationships (that go beyond Sunday mornings) as an essential context through which evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development take place. Small Groups will play a critical role in providing community with other believers, as they are discipled to transform the world.

MULTIPLICATION – We value the importance of each member multiplying themselves. We believe this involves the efforts of personal evangelism and personal discipleship. We also value the need for new churches. Grace will be committed to the work of planting new congregations in the hope that where the gospel is proclaimed, people will be transformed.

DISCIPLINE – We value the personal and corporate disciplines of prayer, worship, and Scripture study. We believe these practices are the means by which we commune with God and through which He brings about eternal change. These things are fundamental for the health and well-being of every Christ-Follower and the church.

FAITHFULNESS – We value the importance of covenant church membership and the commitment a Christ-Follower makes to the ministries of their faith family. In that, we will intentionally structure our lives around the things of God, making choices and sacrifices that reflect our love and loyalty to Christ and His church.

GENEROSITY – We value the importance of selfless giving. We believe that radical generosity is born from a heart of gratitude, acknowledging that everything God gives to us (spiritually, materially, and relationally) ultimately belongs to Him. We will be generous to… those around us, those who are part of our community, those who lead us, and those around the world.

SERVICE – We will strive to be a church that loves all people regardless of their skin color, the size of their bank account, or where they come from. In everything we do, we want to show people that we care about them and that they matter to God.

EXCELLENCE – Our standing or reputation as a church is not what’s at stake; God being glorified is. Because of that, we will strive for excellence in everything we do. This means that everything matters to us… from the big things to the little things… everything matters.

JOY – We will worship, love, and serve with joy because Jesus is alive and because He has radically changed our lives.