Discovery Groups meet at the church each Sunday morning at 9:15AM. There are groups for all ages. Our current study is detailed below.

We are continuing a chronological, Christ-centered journey through the storyline of Scripture. Each week, we will encounter God’s plan of redemption in Scripture through the study of Bible narrative, the essential doctrines of the faith, and the call to join in God’s mission locally and around the world.

In the Spring our three-year, chronological study crossed into the New Testament with The Rescue Begins looking at the birth and early years of Jesus. We continue this summer with Stories and Signs covering Jesus the Storyteller and Jesus the Miracle-Worker.




“The Bible was not given for our information but for our transformation.”― Dwight Lyman Moody


NURSERY  —  Room 102

TODDLERS  —  Room 103

PRE-K – 2nd GRADE  — Room 204

3rd – 5th GRADE  —  Room 209

This Summer our children will continue their trip though the Bible chronologically seeing the big picture of God's story. Stories and Signs teaches kids about Jesus' ministry on earth. Sessions discuss His parables about God's kingdom; the miracles He performed to show He is the Messiah, God's Son; and the healings that showed His power over sickness, sin, and death. Jesus' parables, miracles, and healings point to His crucifixion and resurrection as a way to bring us into God's eternal kingdom.


STUDENTS (6th – 12th GRADE)  —  Rooms 200-201

ADULTS  —  Main Sanctuary